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Following the last attack on security forces by a Kashmiri youth, that led to the areal firefight between Pakistan, I read this account on the Independent from his parents on why he was radicalized:

In trying to explain what led Dar to join up with the militants, members of the family point to two transformative incidents which, they say, left him “changed”.

The first came when Dar was 18. He was walking home from school, the family says, and passing through the village when he came upon a clash between local men, throwing stones, and members of the Indian security forces.

Dar was grabbed and accused of being an agitator. As a public punishment, the family says, armed soldiers made him spit on the ground next to their jeep and then get on all fours, rubbing his nose in the dirt.

“He was embarrassed – his classmates saw the whole thing,” Aarif says.

Some three or four months passed before a second, more serious episode with the Indian CRPF (Central Reserve Police Force). During a protest, Dar’s friend was shot before his eyes. As he went to help him, soldiers again opened fire, this time shooting Dar himself in the leg.

It was this incident, the family says, that silenced any interest Dar had in pursuing his studies. Stuck at home during his recovery and in considerable pain with three steel pins in his leg where the bullet had shattered his bones, he became distant and depressed.


How common has this kind of behavior been from the Indian military? Have you or any of your friends ever faced this treatment.

What are the sentiments of the youth of Kashmir about the revocation of these articles?

Where do you see this situation going? Will the Kashmiri people quit protesting soon and get on with the process of being merged into India or do you see the conflict escalating?

I’d love a genuine answer to these questions if you are indeed a Kashmiri, I don’t know much about the internet but can you access it if the government has shut off services?

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Half of Kashmir was already eaten up by Pakistan even before Indian involvement.

What are you talking about? Asad Kashmir has its own Prime Minister, President, a Legislative Assemlbly, Judiciary, it’s own flag, border checkpoints, and no Pakistani national can buy land there.

They are a semi autonomous region that is administered by Pakistan, mostly national security is managed by Pakistan.

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To quote a 10 August 1948 report published in The Times, London: “2,37,000 Muslims were systematically exterminated – unless they escaped to Pakistan along the border – by the forces of the Dogra State headed by the Maharaja in person and aided by Hindus and Sikhs. This happened in October 1947, five days before the Pathan invasion and nine days before the Maharaja’s accession to india.” Reportedly, as a result of the massacre/migration, Muslims who were a majority (61 per cent) in the Jammu region became a minority.

What was the death toll in the killing fields of Jammu? There are no official figures, so one has to go by reports in the British press of that period. Horace Alexander’s article on 16 January 1948 in The Spectator is much quoted; he put the number killed at 200,000.


Partition was a bunch of princely states under British occupation deciding to secede to India, Pakistan, or stat independent. Kashmir was Muslim majority that wanted independence but the King was not and decided to ask India for help when his people revolted. This is what led to Pakistan sending in Tribesman and Soldiers to defend the Kashmiri Muslims from genocide by the Kings forces and RSS members. There are still refugees from Indian Occupied Kashmir that live in Azad Kashmir, there are families across the LOC

An analogous event to this also took place in Hyderabad, another princely state, where the King did not pay heed to the wishes of the Hindu majority and used violence to suppress their discontent. India sent in the millitary an annexed it by force.

Members of the powerful Razakar militia, the armed wing of Hyderabad’s most powerful Muslim political party, were terrorising many Hindu villagers.

This gave the Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru, the pretext he needed. In September 1948 the Indian Army invaded Hyderabad.

In what was rather misleadingly known as a “police action”, the Nizam’s forces were defeated after just a few days without any significant loss of civilian lives. But word then reached Delhi that arson, looting and the mass murder and rape of Muslims had followed the invasion.


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‘People are saying we can now bring girls from Kashmir’: Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Khattar.

Anyone, young and old alike, can understand how this [poor sex ratio] would create a problem in the future...that there will be fewer women and more men,” Khattar added. “So our [minister OP Dhankar] Dhankhar ji said we will have to bring girls from Bihar. Now some people are saying Kashmir has been opened, we can bring girls from Kashmir also.

That is a major politician of the ruling party mimicking the same sentiment. Not just social media.

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