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Pff, everyone know's there's no such thing as dwarven women. Dwarves just spring up from holes in the ground.

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Wait, does that mean I am literally the opposite of batman?


On a more serious note, Wiktionary gives the definition of

3. Of either of two complementary or mutually exclusive things.

4. Extremely different; inconsistent; contrary; repugnant; antagonistic

So, for example, the opposite of sunny would indeed be cloudy, since the two are complementary. The opposite of up would similarly be down, and not, for example, left or right (both of which are certainly not up).

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Why were they not charged with perjury?

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Based on the information I've read, the principal may have been trying to be nice. It's sounds like he may have been informing your mums about what the other students/parents would think, rather than how the school itself would treat you.

This is, of course, only based on what little information I can gather from your other posts, though.

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I don't know the basis of their opposition to nuclear, but being against nuclear for Australia in general absolutely is based in science. Or, more accurately, is based in economics.

The fact is that for years now we have known that nuclear is a more expensive option for Australia than going all-in on renewables. Way back in 2016 a report came out indicating that this was the case.

It might not be true for other countries, but it is for us. We currently don't have any nuclear capabilities. If we wanted to go nuclear, it would not be cheap. We would need to create or majorly scale up every aspect of the industry necessary for it. Mining the ore. Storing the byproduct securely and safely. Designing and building nuclear power plants. Maintaining the plants. Actually running the plants. Etc. We have no people trained in any of this. We'd be starting from absolute scratch. In many other countries, going further in to nuclear is a matter of scaling up what they already have, which is vastly less expensive than what we would have to do.

Evidence suggests that even in 2016, it would be cheaper to instead invest fully in to renewable power. And that price is only decreasing with time. We probably should have invested in nuclear two decades ago. But we didn't, and now it's too late to be financially worthwhile.