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The NFL is always hiring refs.

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You don’t have to answer all of these but here’s a bunch of questions

You said you were sent there because the Kim regime accused your grandfather of treason. Do you know exactly what he said or did?

What was day to day life like in the prison camp?

When you were sent to the camp, did they split your family up? If not, did you escape with them? How did you escape?

When you escaped, what was the first thing you did once you were safe?

What was the most shocking thing about the world you learned after escaping North Korea?

If you could skype, or FaceTime Kim, what would you say to him?

Is there anything about North Korean life you miss in any way?

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Can a volcano ever just appear in a region? I’m in Maine And we learned the last eruption in Maine was 420 million years ago and was on the scale of a super volcano.

Is it possible for a new volcano to just show up one day? Or do volcanos only exist near subduction zones?

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Hey Beto if you’re going to take law abiding citizens guns away are you going to do the same for your protective detail, meaning no “assault weapons” of any kind? If you’re going to take millions of law abiding Americans means of self defense in their home, you should do the same.

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Did u find out how far down the bar is? Did you get the chance to raise it?

For anyone that doesn’t understand the South Park reference