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"You don't tell nobody. Your girlfriend, your boyfriend, nobody. You already told him, that's too many people." (points at the camera)

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Responses like this give me a profound appreciation for Victoria.

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This needs more attention. The notion that you can just dump water in Everclear and it'll be a perfect blend is like thinking you can throw lemonade and lime juice in seltzer water and get Sprite.

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Welp, we can button up the AMA right now, home boy just done beat the end boss.

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Definitely seems that way.

I remember an episode of Mythbusters where they had a vodka expert who flawlessly ranked about 8 vodkas in a blind taste test. Plus I can say absolutely that I can tell something like Ketel One from Vladdy or Jacquins.

Then, as for the whiskeys, holy crap. The quality difference as the aging goes along is stark. For example, take Jameson 12 and then 18. I don't enjoy spending extra money on shit but the first time I tried Jamo 18 it was one of those "oh damn" moments. Johnny Gold is also a fantastic buy (fuck the Blue).