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Shit, my dad taught me that "trick" when I was like 3.

Hey son, come here, tell me if this battery is still good

"Okay dad, how do I know its good?"

Just lick the top here, you'll know


He could tell by my face. Father of the year

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I had a patient with FOP not too long ago who also mentioned cancer as a common misdiagnosis. She said that they were about to amputate both of her arms before a specialist heard of her condition and realized what it was. Have you heard similar stories, or had one happen to you?

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If you don't mind sharing, what hospital/surgeon did you go to? I'm open to the idea of donating, but I'm also nervous. I like the odds you mentioned

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So, basically everybody had goiters back then?

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Are you going to sue the Chinese government for stealing your intellectual property? (Referencing S03E1 and China wanting to implement a rating system for its citizens)