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Thank you for posting this information. I had lost my twin son a week after he was born. My kiddos were born at 27 weeks and my son was 1 lb 15 oz and my daughter who is almost 3 was only 15 oz. my wife still has a hard time with it every now and then worried that our daughter might die (she is medically fragile but should be able to overcome her issues) my question is what can I do to help my wife through this? We had a little therapy right after his death but haven’t been back. I’m just not sure what to do for her.

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Thank you for this. I’m watching the movie right now and haven’t gotten to that part yet.

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I have been suffering from depression for most of my adult life. My wife eventually convinced me to get on something. I have been prescribed Sertriline for about 2 years now. One issue that I feel is that everything just seems toned down. I can be happy but kinda blah happy, and times where I should be sad, I dont feel very sad. Is this a normal effect of meds? Is there something that I can do to address this?