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You don't have assigned guides in America, idiot. If you want to go to "the ghettos" - get your passport stamped and hail a cab.

You know where that isn't the case? North Korea.

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This the only thing I need to know.

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The point of that quote was that Gob is extremely pretentious. It is one of his first lines in the series and sets up his character. It has nothing to do with whether magicians actual call them "tricks" or not.

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Even before Bar Rescue came by, I couldn't believe that place was able to stay in business. I would take out of town visitors there to show them how unbelievably awful a bar experience could be.

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Yes, QH is one of the best bars in the DC area. There is no reason to go anyplace else in SS - although I do like Sidecar/Jackie's too.