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Great question.

Pre-Pandemic, our goal was to always have a musician playing in the streets in every major city in the US. To have a little hub to let people know that if you get really hard up, there is a person and place that has your back.

Post pandemic has really flipped the whole model on its head. Our biggest challenge now is getting situated tech-wise to keep this streams going against the volume of content the internet has, as well as finding a more efficient and transparent way to distribute funds. Volunteer wise is finding musicians who are willing to dedicate the time to do this. We'd like to find more.

What has been heartwarming to me, is the sheer number of people who are taking this project's reigns themselves and spreading the word with no directive from me and my team.

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I made a new years resolution in 2017 to give money everytime I was asked on the street. It quickly became 50$ a day, and was simply not sustainable for me at that time.

However, I really couldn't give up on the idea, and it really showed me how great the need was. I wanted to come up with a way to continue that work but with my very specific skillset.

We believe that if a friend or neighbor asked for help, you would give it. We try to treat everyone like friends and neighbors

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the late, great John Dunsworth (Jim Lahey on trailer park boys) once said, "when you're dead, you're dead. but you're not so dead if you contribute something" I try to live by that the best I can.

I'm already going to be playing music alone in my room, might as well use it for good while I'm at it

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It was guitar, and I couldn’t play basketball so I had to do something. I have a older brother who is a remarkable musician and I basically just copied Him in every way.

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That would be nice! I have a feeling however that by the time it's safe for us to play outside again, people will be tired of my big ol' pumpkin face cloggin up their feed.

I'll probably still do it anyway