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There was a younger couple that used to come into one of my main rooms that i used to work all the time. They were happy, recently married, and the woman was pregnant with his child. They would come in to have a little fun and try to win some money. Well one day the husband left early to go to work and left the lady to herself to spend what she had left and go home, problem was she spent a lot more then what was "left" (always the case btw). Well, at this point i see she had spent more than her usual play, and i front her $20 so she could try and win some of that money back (that is common practice BTW). She didn't. So she came to me for more money and i gave her 20 more. Boom, gone in the matter of seconds. Then she comes to me and asks if she could do anything for more money. I tell her no and that she needed to figure out what she was going to tell her husband. well, 15 mins later i see her walking out of the mens restroom with some guy. I don't know what happened in the restroom but she suddenly had more money to spend on the games. She lost it all. Including her husband. Game rooms are full of regulars who gossip all the time. Word got back to her husband and her child was born a bastard..... Over video slots.

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oh, the wtf moment... umm.. I have a lot, but one that comes to mind is a guy who blew all his money and was offering me a blowjob when he was sitting right next to his MOTHER. The worst part about it was she was pointing at herself and nodding her head when i refused her son, offering her services to me instead.

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Overall? Yes, we always won. However, there are people who have luck on their side that day or sometimes always it seemed. Take this guy named able (actual name) this motherfucker would come down drop like 1000$ on a machine loose it all come back the next day and hit triple 7's playing all lines and win 3k. He would do this multiple times on solid machines (which are machines that couldn't be cheated or chances are highly unlikely to be cheated i should say). Now it wasn't everyday or even every month, but the he did it consistently enough to where he was making some insane money doing this. If the bastard wasn't walking with jackpots he would at least walk out the a couple bills.. Crazy.

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Also, to answer your seconed question, No. Cash is king, we never took anyone's car note or baby as payment.

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ah, Good question. I wasn't the owner of the operations, just a trusted employee. I made $30 an hour for running rooms.