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I was sitting in a sink with a random guy and a taxidermied goose

I know VRchat is just like that, but I nearly snorted my coffee at that image.

Their classes certainly sound more fun then IRL ones.

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On the other hand, holy shit is it amazing to have a name support, proper treatment and to not be alone anymore.

Not being labelled is isolating at best and destructive at worst. I suffered a lot being told my genuine issues were "normal" and "just work harder." A community and acknowledgment no, shits hard paired with actual intervention pointed at the issue rather then half hazard symptom management is a welcome change.

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How are you enjoying it compared to an in-person class? Also how did you discover the VRChat community, were you signing before then or did you just see it and go cool!

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What do you think we should say to someone with cancer?

My boss at work has been on sick leave for chemo and it's just come out. People are writing cards but I'm not sure what to say? Cards have varied from we miss you to prayers and thoughts to get better soon... I don't know what to ever write.

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Two questions, one science one random,

Why does anesthesia apparently cause post-surgery depression? Do we know why? Is it the anesthesia or just the trauma and ow and being in a hospital woken up every hour for vitals?

Also what are your thoughts on VR, just in general. I've been debating if I can afford to get a headset.