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In the event that you are not allowed into the presidential debates, would you please consider holding a roundtable discussion after each debate with Dennis Kucinich, Jill Stein, Ron Paul, and Russ Feingold where you all discuss Romney and Obama’s answers?

Put it on CurrentTV and/or stream it over the internet...

Edit: PM me if you want to help make a subreddit to organize people behind making this idea a reality.

I'm thinking r/thirdpartyroundtable. What do you guys think?

Edit II: The John Stossel Show (FOX), on Thursday September 13th at 9pm EST, will be featuring a discussion between Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson, Socialist Party candidate Stewart Alexander, and Constitution Party candidate Virgil Goode.

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They wouldn't even all have to be in the same room/state/country. It could be done over a Google+ Hangout or through Skype...

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Greetings Gov. Johnson,

In your AMA from two weeks ago, I asked the top question, and I was hoping to get your input this time around. Nearly 5,000 users supported it, and +1,000 users said they would pay to see it happen. Here it is:

In the event that the CPD does not let you into the presidential debates, would you please consider participating in a roundtable discussion after each debate with Dennis Kucinich, Jill Stein, Ron Paul, Russ Feingold, and perhaps others where you would all analyze & critique Romney and Obama’s answers?

These discussions could take place over a Google+ Hangout, meaning that you would not all have to be in the same room/state/country simultaneously.

Based on the amount of positive feedback we received, we started r/thirdpartyroundtable to help organize these discussions. Follow any progress we make on Twitter: @ThirdPartyRound

We now have companies that specialize in livestreaming, web developers, and several contacts close to the intended participants that are all onboard to make this happen.

What do you think Gary?

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Hi Jim, thanks for the AMA.

  • What steps are you taking to reach out to would-be Bachmann voters in hopes of getting them on board with your message?
  • If you could get a straight answer from Mrs. Bachmann on one question, what would that question be?

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Gov. Johnson, thank you for doing this!

In terms of achieving electoral & campaign finance reform in America, what are your thoughts on these potential solutions:

  • Bringing about a ranked voting system for congressional/presidential elections (Ex. Instant-Runoff Voting)
  • Getting rid of the Electoral College
  • Instituting a public financing system for congressional/presidential elections
  • Passing a Constitutional Amendment to overturn Citizens United