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You mentioned you sell in over 50 countries, what’s your best market in sales after North America?

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I wanted to ask this question when I saw this AMA, but with a quick ctrl+f search I found that we share the same thought, personally I think they're life saviors since I don't live in the US.

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  1. Aside from the ability not to have children, is there any problems you have that weren't solved by HT?

  2. If I had a child one day with the same condition as yours, what's your advice to me as a parent?

Thank you for doing this, it's really interesting and educational!

Best of luck!

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Hello, I'm from Saudi Arabia and my language is Arabic. I found it interesting that you wrote "fulano" in your Spanish sentence, because in Arabic we use 'Fulan' to talk about an unknown man or a man we don't want to say his name. For girls we say 'Fulana'.