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I've noticed a few movies and TV shows utilising amazon staff and services in what appears to be indirect advertising e.g. Nomadland.

Is it fair to say that Amazon are waging a propaganda war to try and scrub history of their crimes?

Some of Amazon's adverts include hearts and minds type stories from managers and employees that look like they might be vulnerable/short of employment opportunities. Is there a culture of indoctrination within the business? And are Amazon exploiting vulnerable people in these commercials?

I began boycotting Amazon after they used their online status to circumvent UK business laws. Is there any evidence of Amazon management purposefully circumventing UK laws, and if yes, how would we find it?

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Regarding the English couple stuck on a cruise ship in Japan demanding that Richard Branson airlift them to the UK, is there a way to ensure they get a double dose of coronavirus?

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How did you rate Brick?