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How many years of school did your editorial position require? And what degrees have you achieved? Thank you for the AMA!

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Thanks for such a quick reply! I've run into the age-old problem of meeting the educational requirements for certain writing positions, but oftentimes they'll ask for for a 2 year experience minimum - which I'm finding impossible to complete because everyone else has the same requisites.

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I do not know you, but I have massive relief for you. Now... was it a boy or a girl?

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You can develop cancerous cell production anywhere where there is viable and reproductive cell function. Any part of your body is susceptible to this and, unfortunately, OP is 100% correct in that what we hear about most is breast cancer and the like.

Keep up with the good work in monitoring your cells, precancerous cell production doesn't mean you're definitely on your way to a diagnosis, but it's definitely something to catch before you get there. Good luck, girl!