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Hey Tom! Years and years ago you gave me some advice on using Photoshop and embracing the spotting created by using transparent washes. That's helped me significantly over the years so I wanted to thank you :)

Looking forward to Claptrap!

Question regarding your other book, Mad Art of Caricature. In that book you have a really cool description of drawing/exaggerating heads/faces by dividing them into several distinct shapes that you can kind of stretch and skew.

Actually, I had two questions: 1) Do you ever literally do this in Photoshop (Or whatever you're using nowadays) with a warp tool? Try as I may, I've never been able to actually get the warping tool to work properly beyond the most basic sketch! It seems like it messes everything up, especially colors

2) Do you do anything similar for the body? I normally use the basic 'Maniken' figure and stretch stuff out there, but when you get into stuff like that, there's a whole other layer of physics and stuff involved where you can unintentionally create figures that don't look like they'd actually stand up.

Looking forward to hanging out reading your responses :) Thanks for doing this!

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Thanks, Tom! :) I've actually been using Procreate more than Photoshop lately and I'm told the new version has some fun tools that work better than some of the warps and transforms I've seen in the past. Procreate is awesome. Procreate+iPad+matte screen+Apple Pencil = now I don't carry a sketchbook any more. Cheers, and thanks again for doing this!

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r/Angryupvote ... LOL...