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Only one way to tell. loads gun

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I would ask "who's a good boy!? Who wants oil?!" and assuming you are the robot-son-of-a-bitch I think you are (which I know you are), and assuming I know robot characteristics like I think I do (which I know I do), you will not be able to resist the delicious quart of oil in my hands.

Then you die.

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I would assume that hearing some of these people in distress (and maybe hearing them die or hear about from others that they died) has an intense mental strain that goes along with it. Have you developed any psychological issues due to your job and if so how does this affect your on call performance? Thanks for the AMA.

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I heard you on KROQ this morning talking with Kevin and Bean about reading your book on stage while you were still in the process of writing it: Can you tell us a little bit more about that experience? I can't wait to pick your book up!

Also, do you like hockey? If so, who's your team?


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The pentagon theory is that the paperwork for the whole 2.3 billion dollars that Rumsfeld couldn't account for we're right where the plane hit and if I recall correctly the PA one had something to do with making it look like there was some sort of struggle (to give Americans the thought that "hey they fought back we should too"). But hey, conspiracies will be conspiracies. I just want to thank you for doing this AMA.