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‘San Diego is one of the wealthiest cities in our state, it is shameful that we have allowed unsheltered children, women and men to be mistreated with such callousness and disregard for human dignity. The fact that hundreds of our neighbors were hospitalized and 20 more perished, due to a Hepatitis A outbreak is a disturbing example of the indifference that exists in City Hall when dealing with unsheltered San Diegans.

The city of San Diego should refurbish the old downtown library, the abandoned Charger training facility in Murphy Canyon, or Qualcomm stadium as emergency shelters for our neighbors in need. We have a shelter crisis in the city of San Diego, we must move unsheltered San Diegans from tents into more safe and dignified structures like tiny-homes, similar to what the City of San José recently implemented.’

You literally just posted that.^ Creating ‘tiny homes’ and shelters is the definition of public benefits.

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The kidney gets transplanted in the lower abdomen/pelvis.

Its a higher risk to remove his native kidneys, so unless theres a clinical reason to, they dont.

If he were to need another kidney, they would place it in the opposite side lower abdomen/pelvis and leave the old transplant in. In essence he could have 4 in him. Body size permitting, ive personally seen as many as 5 in one patient-(2 native and 3 transplanted)

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Let me preface this by saying im all for legalization...

But if the main reason is to combat knife violence, then where does this stop?

For instance what if in 2 years knife violence increased in say opioid related crimes. Do we just push to legalize opioids? Explain how this isnt a flawed premise when applied to something like opioids.

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This is both true and false.

They do stay, they are not ever fully absorbed. But they become severely atrophied, to near non existence. (Think turning a grape to a raisin)

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Theres no associated nerve endings to the transplanted kidney so any pain would be related to urethral passing or UTI symptoms really.

But for the most part, surgeons generally dont willy nilly take patients to the OR without knowing they are status post renal tx, (especially since sedation is naturally hard on kidneys to begin with)