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Yev here -> What 14 Petabytes of storage looks like, 180TB Pod (old school), Opened Storage Pod

Here's a few to get you started...I'll send more later ;)

Edit (above for cleanup, below for more hot server pics)

Here's some good good cables -> Cable Porn, Cabling Porn

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Yev here - Bidet Critter! No, nothing was ever off the table, completely trusted Sam to do a great ad. My personal favorite was the infomercial with Marisha and Tal! Sam was amazing to work with. Crazy creative!

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Good question - no idea. That picture was from a while ago (been a minute since I was in the data center)...let me go find out.

Edit* -> Asked the data center team and they think those are Enterasys (but from a long time ago). We now use a combination of: Arista, Dell, and some older Force10s.

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Yev here -> we asked our purchasing department for a better answer but until they write back here's what I think happens: we call the manufacturers and say, "Hey we need _X_ amount of drives, what's your lowest price?" And then we go with the one who gives us the smallest dollar amount. As for returns they're done through the warranty process, most manufacturers have an RMA portal that can be utilized using the serial numbers on the drives.