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Yeti-lover21 karma

It's why I never pay attention to when people complain about millennials anymore. It's just become a catchall term for "young people." Many of those whom people are complaining about now are actually generation Z. And younger vs older millennials are pretty different. I feel I have a lot more in common with generation X.

Yeti-lover12 karma

When does it look like a vaccine will be ready? Given the new information that people can be reinfected, will a vaccine even be effective?

Yeti-lover12 karma

What should people do who are having a hard time getting diagnosed? I was diagnosed before with ankylosing spondylitis, but now they don't know what I have. None of my doctors have any idea.

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Thanks, I have a feeling it will be a yearly thing like the influenza vaccine because of the mutations and the ability to be reinfected. If only high-risk groups get vaccinations first that would still make everything so much better. They are the ones that are dying and having the most serious complications.