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Hello, I was wondering about esports athletes in general, ppl that practice 8-10 hours a day for it's job to be the best at their games. This is not your casual 8 hour job to live, they live to be the best. Have you seen any cases where addiction and competing cross together?

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Hello Adam and David. I am a person that works by forcing myself to do things, workout, job, clean the house, cook, etc. I do not enjoy any of these things but I am good at having discipline and do it, I have found motivation always leaves and then I stop doing things. Will this mindset of forcing myself bring any negative impact? Some people have told me one day I will not be able to keep going, and I wonder if motivation really is an answer, considering it's temporary nature.

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Hello, during my last semester at college I did some research and implementation of an AI that used Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning to become a better bot at a shooting game (unreal tournament 2004) by practicing against other bots. I haven't followed the more recent updates in this topic (last 5 years), I remember this approach of RL to be promising due to its capabilities of making the environment (combination of states ) Hierarchical and reducing computation time. Has HRL become a thing or was it forgotten in it's original paper? Also do you have openings in your area for a software developer?