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Two topics, Dr. Reilly:

  1. How loud is the environment of the ISS? Is it louder than, say, a vacuum cleaner running in your house all day? Is it loud enough to have to wear ear protection, and is it any quieter in the Russian/ESA/Japanese modules?

  2. Are you still with American Military University/ American Public University?

Edit: one more - - when you put on a space suit, is it pants first, or top first?

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Dr. Aldrin - - Could you describe the differences in moving around in your Gemini EVA suit vs. your Apollo EVA suit? Did any of your suggestions from Gemini XII aid in making your Apollo EVA suit a better experience, or was there just not enough time between missions to incorporate improvements?

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Try "Understanding Space: An Introduction to Astronautics" by Jerry Jon Sellers. Great explanations of everything from orbital mechanics to rocket propulsion.

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How much hydrostatic instability did you experience in blood flow after your missions, and did you learn how to better compensate after each landing? Was the hydrostatic instability related to your flight time, or was it a similar experience after each landing?

Thanks for the AMA!

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Docking question - - you've docked with both Mir and the ISS. The ISS docking was along the velocity vector (V-bar) but the Mir docking was along the Earth-radius, or R-bar vector. Did you notice a difference between the two in docking? Did you feel safer with either approach?