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YeahItsKamran3 karma

I’m a 17 year old kid and i think software development is what i want to do, but i have barely any experience, and a mediocre GPA (3.2). Have any tips on how to get started? Is college necessary? What is the best path from here? Working with a team, creating apps, and making the internet a better and cooler place is like a dream of mine. I actually created a VR game on Oculus with Unity and MagicaVoxel, albeit a quite simple one, but that’s really it. I’m worried that at 17 it’s too late to get started because i goofed off for most of high school, slacked and failed classes, and lost myself and my passions, but now i remember what i love doing and want to get back on track. What are your tips for just getting started, what things should i begin learning to do what you guys are doing?

YeahItsKamran2 karma

Thank you!! And yes i’m starting to view college as not only a way to learn but also a way to network and create opportunities with other people to learn more outside of academics. This is very insightful.. thanks again, and i wish you nothing but luck and success in your future endeavors :)

YeahItsKamran2 karma

Wow... all i can say is thanks.. I will definitely keep all this in mind.