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Yamr35 karma

Good afternoon,

Thanks for taking the time to do this again Bernd and Egosoft staff! I have 2 questions. One from my dad and one from me.

1) My dad would like to know if, you all will bring back the Ballistic weapons like Chain Guns? They were awesome on doing hull damage

2) Any chance in the future that we can get the option to change the color of the UI? Like, for example change the cockpit UI from a light Blue to a Green? A good example I can give is from Descent Freespace had Amber, Blue, and Green presets with custom as well.

Thank you for the games Egosoft and looking forward to the many years to come!!

Yamr34 karma


1) Is the AI being worked on for them to defend their sectors better? in 2.5, the HOP military was not even engaging, or defending, the XEN that were wrecking destruction on their sector. I do not have the capacity to take on the XEN from 2 fronts as they are now pushing hard in Hatikvah's Choice I.

2) Why are XEN ships so much more powerful than my ships? For example, 1 XEN K vs. my 3 ARG destroyers and 1 ARG carrier, if I don't intervene myself, the XEN has the capability to blow up one of my destroyers. Is this normal? Just feels like my things melt compared to theirs. I buy all my ships with the default High Preset.

3) What type of station(s) do you recommend building first? I never bothered with building an empire in X3 because I was just the rogue mobile Armada with multiple fleets of 60+ ships per. I'd like to try taking over the 3 Silent Witness sectors to the North this time around.

Thank you for releasing X4. I put in a good 3000 hours into X3 and am approaching 600 or 800 now in X4. I may not be the best but it's definitely the experience I want from a Space Sim. P.S. Fantastic work on the ARG ship design. I love it.