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both sides were scared we were just doing a job it wasn't personal. we were doing reconnaissance into town and I came face to face with a german soldier. We both had a visual agreement to not shoot 1 another and put our heads down and walked away from each other.

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I feel like the joke was on us

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young people today are jokers. young people today don't seem to know how to do things like we knew how to do when I was young. Young people today don't seem to grasp the concept of working for a living.

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he was a great show man and had to be first

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I was there when we freed the prisoners and they looked very thin and very pathetic. The prisoners some of them wanted guns. As 1 of them walked by me he asked me for a gun. I told that prisoner my orders were just to put the guns in the pile and that's the only orders I had. I didn't have orders to not give the prisoners guns. And I felt just fine looking away as long as they needed me too.