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Hello Keanna thanks for doing this Ama. I'm always fascinated how rally is not as popular as other racing sporta. What do you think is the main reason? Here in Argentina, rally is only popular in my region maybe because we are the only part of the country that we have mountains and difficult dirt roads.

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Hi, could you explain us how things like deforestation increases the global warming factor?

Thanks for doing an AmA

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Hi Scott, it's a pleasure to meet you.

Is it true that the orchestra rejected some of their 80's songs because it didn't fit the symphonic context? If they did, why they don't work? Is it because of the melody or the song structure?

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Hi john, my question is:

Being a resident evil hardcore fan, is it virus research for biological weapons still a thing o does it even exist?

Thank you for this great AMA

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Hi, so you work in the virology area? I have been always fascinated by what you do in your field. How do you study the behaviour of the virus?. (I hope that I'm asking the correct question)