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Exactly! I love when my dog is just there chilling, watching the world go by, and I make sure he knows it.

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Yeah, no. Great marketing scheme though.

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Hi and thanks! My mom's dog seems to be suffering from constant anxiety and fear. The dog was her brother's and he adopted it cause no one else would. My theory is that the dog endured a lot of trauma and has PTSD. She will always bark at me. She wont eat around me, and I dont think I've ever seen her drink water. She moves tactfully and defensively. She always sits in the corner. She's never relaxed. I've been working with her but can't seem to make any head way. I am trying to walk her more and make her exhausted so she will have no choice but to relax, but she get too stressed on walks. Is this diagnosis accurate and how should I approach it? Thank you!!