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More than 8 years post-first state legalization, why do you reckon some states are adamantely opposed to legalization despite the reduction in harm?

Also, when do you think that it will be legal nation-wide? We are at the point where it feels like late-prohibition, everyone knows someone and it's not hard to get imho, would love to get your thoughts as I know that most people support it, but where it falls through is the legalness of everything.

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Interesting view on it.

Regarding Democrats though, even "blue" states have a hard time. I know some politicians sabotage things like down here in Alabama our State Legislature was debating the medical marijuana bill, and a Republican purposely excluded Fibromyalgia from it just to keep the "We're for it, buttt not this one" and kicking the can down the road.

Is there anything the commoner can do?

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Thank you kindly for your in-a-nutshell analysis!

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Especially since fibromyalgia is successfully treated by marijuana and is a very common treatment in states.

Pretty sure the jackass Tim Melson is afraid his doctor/pharma/hospital buddies will be put out of business if we allow medical weed, which is why he threw it in there to DISCOURAGE people from voting to it. Doctors make the dumbest politicians IMHO.

From the research I've done, most people get support legalizing it, but get hung up on the details. Some want a certain % of minorities to get licenses, some want this, some feel that the restrictions still are too harsh or not enough, like it's not the 'right fit'. It was a political game they played by removing it. They don't ACTUALLY want it legalized and just hate fibromyalgia patients.

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I consider myself a independent voter, and am content with Biden's presidency. (Let me open up with that please)

Do you all think that the infrastructure plan that President Biden has set forth will be a net positive for the economy? History has shown us that updated and maintained infrastructure is always a net positive. Are there any projections or data showing how this will impact our economy in a positive (or, hopefully not, negatively)? Surely, 2 trillion is no small sum