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I used Kaspersky for several years, but later switched away after reading an article about back doors, Russian ownership or controlling interests, and other potential backend security concerns. Have not heard the name mentioned recently and am curious how those concerns were addressed(?). The articles I read left me with an overall distrust of the Kaspersky brand.

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Akin to Volkswagen doing an AMA on Earth Day, no? For many, the trust will never be earned back.

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Not enough to remove the stain for me. So many other options without that cloud stuck above them. I am not delusional and know that none of my info is being sought out by nefarious groups or governments online, but..... So many fish in the sea ~ I am not one who would ever consider reuniting with a spouse or business partner who was caught cheating. The trust is gone. I see no reason to give you a chance to break that trust again.

EDIT: Do your family and friends know that you've installed it on all of their PCs? ;) :D

EDIT2: LOL - who but Kaspersky employees would have reason to downvote this!? Cheaters?

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You mention in answer to my first question that your organization responded to allegations by relocating hardware and making other changes, but..... nothing to see here?

EDIT: Yes, the trust is broken; in answer to your question.