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Hello Ms. Jolls, I'm really glad you are doing this AMA. I had no idea this was a recognized week, I fully support your cause, and I have three questions.

  • I am a graduate student in psychology working on my dissertation on media portrayal of victims and perpetrators of crime (early stages of narrowing the topic). I was wondering if you have any thoughts or resources that I could delve into regarding viewer perception of crime in general as portrayed/reported by the media? I am looking at race/gender/authority of perp./type of crime/amount of knowledge of both parties by viewers as variables, as well as gathering history of my actual participants to identify correlates of stereotypes based on media viewership characteristics.

  • What do you see as the biggest factor in shaping how someone views media?

  • What is your favorite go to TV show, and why is it Friends?

I'm in the pretty early stages of my literature review so I would greatly appreciate your opinion if you wouldn't mind donating your time :). Thank you very much in advance!

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Thanks for responding so swiftly! I edited my original comment to exclude the ice cream question and include a more 'AMA-related' question, but I'm glad you caught the pre-edit version :)

I am fully aware of the 4 effects, and the final one-avaliability bias of violent crimes-is primarily what prompted this topic. Thank you so much for the link to that study, I might PM you later if I have further questions if that's alright.

I hadn't narrowed my target population with regard to age because that could be an entire study itself, but now I'm considering reducing another variable, and including multiple age groups to identify cohort effects. I'm struggling to narrow the scope of the study because of time constraints if you can't tell :)

YUNoDrinkMas2 karma

What a tangled web we weave. Thanks again for your replies, and I hope your work influences how we influence people :)