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XvPandaPrincessvX70 karma

You breed my absolutely favorite breed of pigeon. The fact that humans wanted to create the sexiest pigeon that they could steal other pigeons is delightful.

What advice do you have for pigeon admirers who hope to have their own small flock in the future? Do you find Thief Pouters to be good pigeons for newbies?

XvPandaPrincessvX3 karma

Hi Rebecca! My husband and I absolutely love Steven Universe, we've watched and rewatched the episodes together so many times. We even plan on Cosplaying more than a few characters in the future! Thank you and all the crew for working so hard on it. So, I'm curious about some things.

Do Gems reproduce and does that always mean they give up their own Gem? Or will this be possibly covered/hinted at in future episodes?

And..If you were a Gem what would your Gem name be?