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So, do you see this race heading the same place as DRM?

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As a community site developer, I appreciate the WIP public drop tables being posted. (json pls)

I would like to do more with my site, like all-item wishlists and mastery/inventory tracking for completionists, but with the lack of official data sources for other things like starmap node data and gear lists, it would involve far too much work to update by hand.

Are there plans to work with us on this situation?

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That's just it, though. Nearly all consumer traffic is made equal, and it is just about how many gigs for my dollar, so it doesn't make sense.

These industries have been successful and profitable keeping relatively to this model for decades.

What makes it different now?

Edit: Let me be clear:

But we've been able to regulate the market such that non-integrated firms (TPG, Internode, Aussie BB, etc.) can compete with the oligopolists (Telstra, Optus) at a benefit to the consumer.

Sure. If we instead get regulation that breaks up the vertical integration of content delivery and connectivity like other countries have, get forced competition regulation and a consumer-focused outcome because of that? Great.

It's not what the majority anti-NN side is pushing for, just like healthcare, but it would be great if it were.

firms haven't really taken advantage of all the price discrimination opportunities available to them yet.

I'm not sure what is implied here.

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Out of curiosity, what part of NN contradicts usage-based pricing employed by other utilities such power and water?