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Is it true that on foreign soil, one call will summon black suvs to take you to safety? Just curious.

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What exactly are the survival chances of someone with asthma?

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How was the escape process?

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Hey. Thank you for this AMA.

I feel like I am experiencing one of the worse episode of anxiety ever. Its so bad that I will not be able to speak if there's a person in room. I can't get myself out of the house. I have great trouble asking for simple things like, let's say if I'm in best buy, I couldn't ask the employee 'where is the laptop section?'. Things like these are so annoying and I feel hopeless.

It's growing worse as I'm growing old. What causes this? How do I live a normal life?


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Hello, thank you for doing this AMA.

My question is, whenever I speak for a slightly longer interval, let's say, 5-10 minutes? My breathing turns very heavy and my mind starts to go blank. I know it's not normal, do you think it's anxiety related or could be because I am going through depression? Thanks.