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Are you sure they're fake though, you haven't gotten to my question yet but I pointed out that it flags several reviews as fake for not being a verified purchase when the kindle library won't add the tag to an account that 'rented' the book.

E: I should add that my own reviews were flagged for that reason which is why I brought it up.

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Alright but this is for popular ebooks and it's taking 120 reviews off out of 156, saying they're not trusted. On another it removed 44%. The last that I personally reviewed was another 77%, 75 reviews marked as not trusted. My reviews were all tagged as not trusted in these which is why I brought this up. And based on the size of their communities I just can't see that these numbers are correct.

And as far as the unverified purchases go, you're going to see a lot more of those in the kindle library books, because the library doesn't mark you as having bought the book since you borrowed it, than you will anywhere else. I understand this is kinda niche and I highly doubt anyone is going to be using this site for their trashy romance novels, but it is something that should still be addressed if you're going to use this for any sort of standard.

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Hey Tommy, how accurate would you say this is on books? It seems like a lot of the regular flags would be trigged there when they shouldn't be. Verified purchase being the big one considering the kindle library won't tag you as having purchased the book if you 'rented' it.