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XiveofMontreal3 karma

Hey Kevin!

I can't tell you how exciting this is for me. Of Montreal has been such a staple in my life for years now, and you, a concurrent role model (or deity, maybe). Your melodies brought me such joy when I first listened to Sunlandic Twins and eventually made my way all the way down to the Bird Who Continues to eat the Rabbit's flower. Every new album was a trial, with me hating albums like Skeletal and False Priest. Eventually, I learned to love the Georgie Fruit you created and was so sad to see him go in thecontrollersphere. Regardless, Paralytic Stalks was one of my favourite albums for a while, with your combination of a Satanic Panic and Skeletal Lamping feel; the marriage was beautiful. I got the leaked Sylvianbriar (I can't wait to buy it when I get back home)a few weeks ago and while I was scared to see of Montreal take a different turn, with new members and a new sound, I decided that you know what's best, and that change is always welcome. Rebecca has been a continuingly surprisingly delightful addition, and your incorporation of sounds from your older eras as well as completely new ones makes Sylvianbriar a deliciously cohesive piece.

Sorry for going on and on, as I could talk about of Montreal forever, and my girlfriend and I like to say we've listened to more of you than anyone in the known universe, including you. Hopefully we can talk at the 40Watt next week. I can't wait for the concert!

Anyways, out of the myriad of questions I have for you from the validity of the allusion in "Gallery Piece" to "Montreal," to the similarities of Nicki Coco and Nicki Lighthouse, I really just want to know what you've been listening to right now. I know you're busy and I love the influence the Grateful Dead and the Burrito Brothers had on Sylvianbriar, but what did you listen to yesterday, the day before? Also, could you please have Nina come out of the shadows more. Her directing nuances are delightful, and I would love to think of her as I do you, and not the beast portrayed in "The Past is the Grotesque Animal." Any description on what you really see in her, and not the mists and mirrors you put up in your albums that makes me question who the lyrics are really about, fictional or otherwise. Still, I guess the artist is the master of illusions! Also, what are your favourite novels and movies?

Kevin, whether you ever meet me or not, I love your music, and I love you. I've listened to everything from Daughter of Cloud to Young Froth/Taypiss dozens(I really mean dozens, as in 50++ times) of times, and you've been such a part of my life. I can't wait to see you in Athens next week! Thanks so much for reading this. Tell Rebecca and the Gang your legitimate Number One (closet) Fan said hello!