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I can't imagine other officers would let them.

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A few things, in regards to rioting and demands and stuff. Forgive me if I sound overly critical. I am permanently banned on r/sino if it alleviates any apprehension you may have answering these questions.

1: How do you feel about those that have taken a more extreme approach to the situation? Why do you think they've turned to violence? There are a fair number of videos going around showing violent actions.

2: If you could give an estimate to the number of people still protesting(no doubt it's declined significantly since the first few demands were met), how many would you estimate there to be?

3: Of those protesting, how many(percentage, numbers, whatever you like) do you believe are rioting?

4: Do you think that a compromise can be made on some of the demands if the government isn't fully prepared to agree to everything? What would be a satisfying outcome for you, personally, in that case?

5: What kinds of treatment do you trust yourself to perform, and have you had to use it a lot? If something out of your capability occurs, what happens then? Additionally(and you don't need to answer this if it's embarrassing), how do you manage around blood, vomit etc.? Personally I'm very squeamish with that stuff and can't imagine doing first aid like that.

Stay safe out there.

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Do you promise this isn't just a phishing scam for our info? :]