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Dear sir,

I don't have a question really but as a man that was in a war torn country in my youth (Bosnia) I want to say that without people like you lift my spirits up by a huge margin. I remember being there as a kid and seeing US soldiers riding the tanks through the streets and I would wave at them and EVERY SINGLE TIME they waved back. This is more than just "being nice" this wave back made a kid like myself feel safe and more at ease in a place filled with destruction and death, and that goes a long way.

My grandparents were in WWII as well, and that was by far the worst of the worst wars, the worst of humanity's evil side was in that war (but also the best). To have been a part of literally the world's good vs evil conflict cannot go unforgotten and without all of us thanking you. So please, take it from me a random Bosnian guy on the internet, we truly appreciate you and are forever grateful for you and we literally owe you guys our lives.

Thank you, you are loved by a lot of people please never forget that.

as far as a question, here is one:

When you came home from WWII, after greetings your family and getting rest etc. When you found yourself alone with noone around, what was the first thing you did alone?

Thank you again I can't say it enough


omg thank you guys for my first gold and award things (I'm sorry I don't know the proper terms lol). This really made my day, thank you guys!