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Not the guy your replying to but the claim that "Halal organs" are being harvested comes from this tweet. The video in question is from a livestream from this channel. In the video, a caller concludes that since she heard that waiting time for organs is between 1 to 6 months, that organ donors must be "按需来杀人" (kill on demand). She goes on to talk about how she didn't believe the falun gong claims of organ harvesting until she saw international people in the hospital. Needless to say, this reasoning is problamatic. It seems like confirmation bias rather than actual evidence. It didn't stop some newsites from using it as source though.

I was curious and took a look at the Channel itself. This guy 路德 seems to be obessed with 中共 (CPC) and literally livestreams everyday. I guess this is sort of thing is probably catering for 反贼. Apparrently this guy has a twitter, and his feed is very crazy. Re-tweeting steve bannon videos from this propaganda account. It's a very deep rabbit hole I'd rather not dive into.

The newsite I talked about mentions a guy called Enver Tohti ( 安华托帝 ) who says the caller's "testimony" is credible. He is a former cancer surgeon who now lives in London as an uber driver and he's known for his testimony of chinese organ harvesting in 1995. But regarding the video from twitter, turns out from his twitter that the "halal organs" thing was a hoax.

Personally, I think there's just too much garbage on social media (reddit, facebook, twitter) to fact check everything. Even this Rushan Abbas person worked for "various US intelligence agencies". This "campaignforuyghurs" account is a mess, literally posting anti-china propaganda nonstop. She even claims that " GTMO cell blocks were better than the normal uyghur people’s lives outside of the concentration camps ".

If r/CampaignForUyghurs was honest about this claim of "halal organs", she should provide sources for this.