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NYPD Internal Affairs determined that he did indeed use a chokehold and has recommended disciplinary action, so we'll just have to wait and see.

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That sounds like an incredibly stressful drug to do in prison. The paranoia would be overwhelming.

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your involvement and knowledge of your culture is also a big part of your native identity.

This hits home with me. I'm (supposedly) 1/16th Cherokee. My mom would sometimes check "American Indian or Alaska Native" when filling out forms regarding my race growing up. Eventually I told her to stop, and I've never checked that myself. She doesn't see a problem with it, but I try to tell her, she wasn't raised in the culture, and neither was I. I'm not going to claim to belong to something that I hardly know anything about.

Part of me thinks we aren't even part Cherokee, as the guy she showed me a picture of that was full blooded had a thick-ass mustache... I said he's Italian,

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Surprising response, but not a bad choice!

Armstrong for President!