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Indeed it does, I like your take on it. For a follow up question if you could. How can I help my underweight girlfriend feel better about herself. For what it is she's gone through hell her whole life. Body issues and not seeing herself as attractive because of how skinny she is. This wasn't self caused or anything just genetics. I've been with her for a few years now but every now and then I find herself crying at the thought of how she looks. I do my best when she's having these spouts of depression she's been through all the ups and downs to say the least. Is there some way I can make her feel better or maybe some way to help her gain a tad bit of weight? Just want to make her feel confident with herself instead of looking at what she doesn't have.

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Thank you for the advice and taking the time out of your day I'll make sure to give it a shot.

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Does the whole body acceptance movement speak to you or do you think it's just another reason for people to eat unhealthy? This coming from a guy that's over weight by 10 pounds