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How many hours per week can you spend productively coding? I recently started coding fulltime and I realised even just 40hrs is barely doable to me, which kills any chance of personal projects, which I find a big shame.

Also what was your job and were you able to transfer some of those skills to gamedev?

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I'll do this plz sponsor me

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Wow, didn't expect to see an AMA from you on reddit. This sort of music doesn't seem to be very popular here.

As someone living in Belgium I am quite blessed with a healthy club and warehouse scene, and recently getting more into ravey industrial techno stuff (Ancient Methods, Paula Temple, AnD, Vatican Shadow, etc.). What do you think of that kind of music?

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This is an extremely flawed argument due to the simple fact that people who do coke would already certainly smoke cannabis instead if they wanted to

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What engine/framework/language did you create the game in? Well the answer to that was in the title...

Did you make the art yourself? I enjoy coding small game projects now and then but always work with free placeholder assets, I don't feel like I could dedicate the time to also learning how to make art, as I have a lot of things going on and also value leisure activities outside of sitting behind a computer, and it doesn't really interest me that much either.