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Get refusal in the greater Jewish community is looked upon with severe disgust.

People who refuse to give a get are often not even allowed to pray with their communities, associate, the works. Many communities absolutely prevent them from basically anything jewishly communal, there is severe shame, the works.

They will often be treated horribly by the greater Jewish population. It’s basically widely understood as horrific.

There are gross pockets in the world where this is defended, or crazy rabbis who will justify it.

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Why aren’t you a therapist?

It sounds like you’re working a career as a therapist, without the extensive training or liability components.

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Would you mind rounding to the nearest 10,000? Just to give us a basic understanding?

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So there is no “quit” being Jewish. From a Judaic perspective, once a Jew always a Jew.

Civil divorces are the easy part of the process, and happen independent of a Jewish divorce (a “get”).

If a civil divorce happens but a women does not receive a get, she is still technically married and therefore cannot remarry judaically. If she stops being observant then it doesn’t matter. But if she is, she is then chained and unable to get out. That’s what ORA works to stop.

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It’s the law. It’s practiced because they have yet to find a way around the law.

A man has to give it and a woman has to accept it.

98/100 times, it’s the man keeping the woman trapped, but it has happened the other way around.