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What exactly is the "point" or big question to be answered with Scientology? For example, Christianity states that there is a God that created everything, there is a Heaven and Hell. If you do good things, you go to Heaven, if you do bad things you go to Hell. Similar things with Islam. And others have reincarnation again and again until Nirvana(or something similar). What is the reward system taught in Scientology for being a "good person"? If there is one. Does it presume to explain why things happen in life? Or the creation of life? And death? Is there a divine force?

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When you woke up, did you have any weird body sensations? Like did you feel pins and needles in your limbs? Did you feel kind of heavy? Did you do that gasp and wake up thing or just simply open your eyes? I'm curious about the physiological processes and feelings from waking up after so long.

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Ah, well he's totally safe from retaliation then and there's nothing to worry about.

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When you first pick up the cube, do you do the whole, "look at the cube and flip it around several times to plan it out, then begin" method or do you "solve as you go"?