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XLBananaHamock23 karma

I wonder if he screamed "back blast area clear" before launching that rocket!

XLBananaHamock-2 karma

I'm aware I've had this tag since xbox live first launched. They limit the amount of characters you can use in a name, so I dropped a letter and called it good.

XLBananaHamock-4 karma

I'm not making a list, nor if I were speaking would I have paused.


XLBananaHamock-11 karma

Nope not in the least. There is a difference between a typo and not knowing the difference between homophones.

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God your English is fucking terrible. Your title should read "IAMA mom/mother whose child...." Is English your first language? If not where are you from? I haven't heard if your story so why does your daughter require pot?

Edit: pretty stoked this is getting so much hate :)

Edit2: I hope the down votes reach the thousands!