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CAN and LIN very much still have their purpose. They are cheap ways to get data across a vehicle without needing the networking required for ethernet. The industry previously didn't have a good method for controllers until 2 wire broadr reach and to some extent CAN FD. It's all about weight you can't slap in a cat5 line and call it a day.

In the last 5ish years. Automotive manufacturers have adopted 2 wire Ethernet as the main bus for more security driven commands and allow for more data. Almost ever new vehicle architecture has made the switch.

CAN is inheritantly trash at physical attacks because any node can both send and receive data. So splice in behind the vehicles BCM and you have access to pretty much anything.

However manufacturers have kinda learned how to protect the main vehicle bus from online attacks (unfortunately because they learned the hard way). An IoT OBD device like the progressive snapshot (seriously fuck those things) or through the cars internal modem.

I say kinda because cars like the charger/challenger still blow dick. But that's an architecture problem.

All of these changes do come at a cost More protection means less ability to modify, change, or fix the vehicle. Installing an aftermarket radio just got even harder...want to modify the vehicle and retune the engine? Impossible.

Also tesla still uses CAN and LIN just not for their main bus. They get their parts from the same suppliers the rest of the industry does.


How have you changed the show of the years? I went to the blue man group in the early 2000's at Luxor and it was a blast. Went again a couple years ago and it was incredibly boring and seemed almost unchanged.


Sorry. I think I made a reference you may not know, soley based on your show being called "Smitten Kitchen Every Day"



How many pairs of Kitten Mittens do you own?