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I pick up my cat and she purrs yet she doesn't like being held. She won't sit on my lap but she always has to be close enough and has to be in the same room as me always. She also sits at the front door meows a lot when I leave (I recorded it once and my wife says she does it every day for like 30 minutes). I've never seen a cat act like this is something wrong with her? It seems like she has abandonment issues. Also she was a rescue.

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No your cat is just a sexual deviant.

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I've been stating that we need to repeal the 17th Amendment for years now. However I fail to convince anyone that appointed Senators would not be corrupt. The very reason the 17th was written was because of the perceived "corruption" of the process. Do you know of any examples off hand that the US benefited from appointed senators verses directly elected?

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It was reported in Japan that they are out of their recession due to their economic growth over the last year. Keynesians are citing it as proving their ideology correct. However something seems very off about the numbers. Do you think this is just a short term rebound for their economy or is it long term. Also if it long term what are the moral implications of debasing a currency to improve the overall economy.