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Frankly, there is nothing too unique or important about me. I just know that just as I was a kid on Reddit 10 years ago who felt there was no infrastructure to answer young kids’ questions about becoming a comedian, I would have loved something like this. Especially from someone who is young in an industry overwhelming dominated by the middle aged.

When I was young I had no idea how to get started in standup, where to start writing, who to tell or not to tell. Just hoping to pay that back a bit.

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Goddamn it of course this is the first question. I would say it’s a sandwich in the same way a tomato is a vegetable. If you’re going to be so pedantic about the literal definition of sandwich or vegetable then yes, instead of asking the real question which is what function does this food serve culturally.

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I’ve never met another Brown Wyatt in my life

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I learned it by making a painstaking amount of mistakes. Underselling myself and no reaching out to fill my calendar etc. Yes now I have representation for acting, writing, and standup.

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I try to always respond with kindness until they’re not kind. I think it’s wrong to be too mean to them unnecessarily.