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Wutsluvgot2dowitit389 karma

Did you remind him to turn those fucking laces out?

Wutsluvgot2dowitit101 karma

For real. I hate Walmarts business practices, but I can't recall a single time I went in there and they didn't have what I needed.

Wutsluvgot2dowitit35 karma

Lol man.. I get how this is a cool and unique idea, and people with a ton of spare money will probably want to do this.. But that price point pretty much eliminates middle class customers.

Wutsluvgot2dowitit13 karma

I did this with my girlfriend and a few friends. The front desk lady hadn't even seen me yet, I just said I was staying in 204 and needed keys for my friends, bam, three keys.

Wutsluvgot2dowitit10 karma

What did you do, aside from writing obviously