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I've got so many questions for you.... What do you study? Do you see yourself working as a full-time referee in the future? What was your most memorable game that you participated in? What was the funniest or most embarrassing moment as a referee? How could we make ice hockey more attractive to girls?

Thanks for answering any of these 😊

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When will we have the first Pastafarian as POTUS and what would change?

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If you could build whatever you want, no budget, no regulations whatsoever, what would it be?

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Hey guys, thanks for doing everything you do!

I was just released from hospital due do catching this nasty virus and the staff on my ward was amazing. But they are exhausted and sleep-deprieved and totally overwhelmed by their workload and what may come the next couple of weeks. Is there anything to boost their spirits?

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Is there anything you gonna miss about living in Finland when you're back in Australia? Like real winter or some specific food?