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But why male models?

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here's one of my bear stories:

Had to poop. BADLY. So I started running to the tree line TP in hand.

All of the sudden I see two cubs scurry up a tree and a HUGE black bear rear up on its hind legs and eye me down. I start saying whoa bear in a low and loud voice to let it know i'm there as I slowly back away. The guy 100m away hears me and tells me to make more noise so all I can think of is trash talk, so I start swearing at it and generally talking sh*t.

By this time I've grabbed a large stick (like that's going to do anything) and two people are with me. We try and chase the mama bear away, but her cubs wont leave the tree they're hiding in. As we continue to chase her away, we end up between her and her cubs (VERY stupid and VERY bad place to be) so she turn around and starts back towards us. We back away and back-up arrives with a gun. The shoot a couple rounds past the trees to get the cubs out, but they wont budge. One guy with an axe chops down the tree the cubs are hiding in, when it falls on cub runs to the mom, but the other runs up another tree. After chopping the second one down, it tries running up a third tree, to which the guy grabs the cub by the scruff of its neck (and it makes a sound that I didn't know bears can make... it kinda sounded like a tasmanian devil) and walks towards the mom with the cub in hand. Lets the cub go, it runs to its mom and the family makes its way off in to the forest.

I've heard better, but thats my story

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What sort of mistakes have you made? What's the worst advice you've gotten?

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Can dude be genderless so we can just call anyone a dude?

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What sort of visibility did you have at that depth? did everything turn to zero the moment you got close enough to stir up silt or did you not get near the bottom?