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Hello, I love Marketplace and I support it monthly- thanks for all that you all do. 3 questions:

1)what do you two think is the best course of action on student loan debt? 2) which CEO would you more like to interview on the show? Any particular reason? 3) how would you suggest young people get more involved in economic journalism? 4) bonus: how big is the current bubble? Will mortgages pop it or something else?

Thanks again! You all are truly awesome

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Awesome response, thank you all

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Thank you! And Before the Fall is fantastic. Everyone at least buy it on Kindle

WritersofRohan171 karma

Big fan of your books and Fargo. What tips would you have for an emerging writer to get in touch with an agent?

Also, I got to see you speak at AXS TV festival in '13- it was a highlight! I appreciate how open you are with the public and how honest you were about the fear of living up to the movie, etc. Thank you!